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Go Here Instead in 2023! Solving the Problem of Overtourism through Alternative Destinations

Solving the problem of overtourism

Overtourism is a quickly increasing global issue. We can attempt to help solve the problem of overtourism by choosing to travel to alternative destinations. I’ve rounded up some incredible alternative destinations that will be less crowded and more sustainable.

How to Visit a Shrine or Temple in Japan – Japanese Shrine and Temple Etiquette

Two girls bowing at a shrine in Japan

What is the Difference Between a Japanese Shrine and a Japanese Temple? There are two easy ways to tell a shrine and temple apart. First, shrines have a simple gate, called a torii, that separates the human world and the sacred ground, while the gates of a temple, or sanmon, look more like a large house rather […]

What to Eat in Japan 25 Foods You MUST Try in Japan

Japan Itinerary Kyoto

Japan is full of culture, fun, and flavor! Blending many influences from the east and west along with ancient traditions, Japanese food is some of the tastiest in the world. This list will walk you through the best Japanese food in the country!  What to Eat in Japan | 25 Foods You MUST Try in […]

How to Visit China Without a Visa

How to go to China Without a Visa

Disclaimer: This information was written October 2018. These are my own experiences with traveling without a China visa. Please check the US State Department website for official current information. So you want to go to China, but don’t want to get a visa, here’s what you need to know and what you need to do. […]