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Our Vancouver Itinerary – A Weekend in Vancouver, Canada

We spent the last few days in Vancouver checking out the city for my oldest daughter’s upcoming move there to attend film school. It was a great trip. We were able to figure out her housing, walk her around the city, and help her navigate the transportation. Launching a child is not for the faint […]

10 Incredible Things to Do in Guatemala

I just got back from an amazing trip to Guatemala, and let me just say that it exceeded my expectations and totally blew my mind! I am ready to book a trip back ASAP, or maybe move there for a few months and work on my Spanish, a common thing to do actually, with so […]

Thailand vs Vietnam – Where Should I Go?

Trying to decide whether to travel to Thailand or Vietnam? Choosing between these two countries is like choosing between two favorite children! I visited Southeast Asia for my 40th birthday trip a few months ago and fell in love with both countries! Before visiting, I assumed that Thailand and Vietnam would be very similar, but […]

The Most Beautiful Places in Scotland

You may think of bagpipes and haggis when you hear Scotland, but Scotland is also known for it’s amazing natural beauty and adorable villages. I lived in Scotland with my grandma as a girl, and was lucky enough to spend time exploring the country and soaking up all its beauty! It’s such a magical country […]