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Amazon Prime Day 2023 & Deal Week – My Best Travel Gear and More Picks

Check out my favorite Amazon Prime Day deal picks for travel! It’s that time of year again…when Amazon descends upon us with their deals, and every other company follows suit! I try to be very conscious about what I purchase and try to make sure I’m only purchasing items that I will use and that […]

How to Save Money for Travel and Afford Your Dream Vacations

How to Save Money for Travel

If you’re planning your dream vacation, use this financial planner to be able to stay within your budget and afford the trip of your dreams! How to Save Money for Travel and Afford Your Dream Vacations This post contains affiliate links There‚Äôs no denying that travel is not cheap. Even if you travel on a […]

How We Saved Money by Traveling Europe

how we saved money by traveling europe

Ever since we began our journey, I have had at least 1 email/week asking “how do you afford to travel?” I’ve laid out a basic “how to do what we did” list on 5 Steps to Afford Full-Time Travel, but I wanted to share with everyone what our expenses were while traveling Europe. I always […]

16 Rules for AirBNB

One of the most frequent questions our family gets is “how can you afford to travel?” Obviously the biggest expense getting here was flights from the US to Europe. After that our expenses have stayed about the same. Usually, the biggest expense for a family while traveling is housing or hotel costs. It can be […]