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The Best Non-Schengen Countries in Europe for Nomads in 2024

Non Schengen Countries in Europe

If you’re visiting Europe and want to know how to stay longer than 90 days on a Schengen visa, discover the rest of Europe with these non Schengen countries where you can reset your visa. The Best Non-Schengen Countries in Europe for Nomads in 2023Here’s a Short CutThe Best Non-Schengen Countries in Europe for Nomads in […]

The Complete Italy and Greece Trip Itinerary

Blessed with sunny climates, thousands of years of history, idyllic beaches, and the most delicious and fresh cuisine, both Italy and Greece are both fantastic choices for a Mediterranean vacation. This Italy and Greece itinerary is perfect for anyone that wants to explore both countries.

How to Plan a Europe Backpacking Trip for Your Family

If you’re wondering how to plan a family Europe backpacking trip, this guide to backpacking Europe will be essential. Discover why to go, how to go, where to go, and what to pack. You can also download my free backpacking Europe packing list. How to Plan a Family Europe Backpacking TripHere’s a Short CutHow to Plan […]

Travel for Teens: The Best 2 Week Europe Trip Itinerary

Travel for Teens Europe Itinerary

This Europe trip itinerary for teens is the perfect way to spend 2 weeks in several different countries. If you only have one week in Europe, discover these 20 Europe Trip Itinerary Ideas.  Travel for Teens: The Best Europe Itinerary for 2 Weeks My friend is taking her teenage daughter on a surprise 2 week […]