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The Most Beautiful Places in Scotland

You may think of bagpipes and haggis when you hear Scotland, but Scotland is also known for it’s amazing natural beauty and adorable villages. I lived in Scotland with my grandma as a girl, and was lucky enough to spend time exploring the country and soaking up all its beauty! It’s such a magical country […]

My Norway Itinerary – What we did with one week in Norway

In between my British Book Club tours and Croatia, I had a week to kill in Europe, so I decided to head up north to Norway with my friend Tamara. I’ve always wanted to visit Scandinavia, and Norway was a great place to start. To be honest, the beauty of this gorgeous country blew me […]

The Most Beautiful Places in Ireland

The Best Places to Visit in Ireland

What do you imagine when you think of Ireland? Since Ireland is an island (try saying that five times fast!), you might think of untouched beaches and the rugged Cliffs of Moher. You might imagine cozy, dark wooden pubs with roaring fireplaces in Dublin. You might think of lush, rolling hills and miles of farmland […]

The Most Beautiful Places In Norway to Visit

Norway only offers two reasons to stay away (the dark, cold winters and the cost) and approximately 563,967 reasons to visit. This incredible country has so many amazing places and beautiful landscapes that make wearing long underwear and paying $9 for a hot chocolate worth it! I loved my recent visit to Norway and totally […]

Planning a Trip to Scotland

So you’re planning a trip to Scotland! Congratulations! The planning stages are always so exciting, but can also be overwhelming. We created this Scotland trip planner to help you get started and stay organized. If it’s your first trip to Scotland, this guide will be a huge help to get you started. We’ve done Scotland […]

The Best Non-Schengen Countries in Europe for Nomads in 2024

Non Schengen Countries in Europe

If you’re visiting Europe and want to know how to┬ástay longer than 90 days on a Schengen visa, discover the rest of Europe with these non Schengen countries where you can reset your visa. The Best Non-Schengen Countries in Europe for Nomads in 2023Here’s a Short CutThe Best Non-Schengen Countries in Europe for Nomads in […]

Go Here Instead in 2024! Solving the Problem of Overtourism through Alternative Destinations

Solving the problem of overtourism

Overtourism is a quickly increasing global issue. We can attempt to help solve the problem of overtourism by choosing to travel to alternative destinations. I’ve rounded up some incredible alternative destinations that will be less crowded and more sustainable.

Perfect Scotland Itinerary

Perfect Scotland Itinerary

Scotland is an Incredible, Wild, Historic, Mystical Country that Just Begs to be Visited. If Scotland is Calling you, I’ve got the Perfect Scotland Itinerary for You. The Perfect Scotland Itinerary – Discover the Best Things to do in Scotland on this Incredible Road Trip! This post contains affiliate links You’re Going to Scotland!!! So […]

The Perfect Scotland and Ireland Itinerary

The Perfect Scotland and Ireland Itinerary

Trips to Ireland and Scotland are some of my favorites to help plan. Both countries are some of my favorites and they can be easily combined. This Scotland and Ireland itinerary will help you plan the best trip! The Perfect Scotland and Ireland ItineraryHere’s a Short CutThe Perfect Scotland and Ireland ItineraryShould I go to […]

10 Most Magical European Christmas Markets

european christmas markets

When it comes to Christmas markets, Europe knows what they’re doing! These are the top 10 best Christmas markets in Europe that you must see before you die!  10 Most Magical European Christmas MarketsHere’s a Short Cut10 Most Magical European Christmas MarketsThe Best European Christmas Market TreatsInteractive Map of the 10 Most Magical European Christmas […]