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Europe’s Biggest Sandbox and Playgrounds on the Lake

This weekend we visited a little town just outside of Bordeaux called Parentis. We stayed on a beautiful cabin on Lac de Parentis with the most amazing sunsets! The scenery was unreal! The best part was that we have so many points that we stayed the whole weekend for 30 Euros! If you’re not […]

Pearl Harbor Anniversary and the Hard History (Worldschooling Resources)

Because today is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, and in preparation for our trip to Normandy this weekend, and because everywhere we go in France there are memorials, we began teaching the kids about World War II. We started the conversation by looking at a memorial in our nearby town with hundreds of names of […]

The Best French Castle for Kids – Château de Chenonceau

We have been to quite a few castles over the last few months, but Château de Chenonceau has been our favorite for kids! Chenonceau Castle is absolutely a dream. After a few hours drifting along beautiful corridors and kitchens that rival Downton Abbey, we left literally searching for castles to buy in Europe (yes you […]