24 Best Day Trips From Amsterdam

I visited Amsterdam this summer and fell in love with this city. But we took a few days trip from Amsterdam, and those ended up being some of my favorite memories from our trip. The public transportation in the Netherlands is great and it was so easy to take a day trip. I’m sharing my favorites here!

Visiting Amsterdam makes for an exciting standalone city break. With world-class museums and galleries filled with art history, historic churches, and poignant World War II sites, you’ll find many things to do in this beautiful canal city to fill your trip itinerary. Oh, and let’s not forget about those stunning canals lined which are also a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Vanessa Hunt in Zaanse Schans as a day trip from Amsterdam

But there are many great reasons why you should veer off the beaten path on your Netherlands trip and try out one of these best day trips from Amsterdam.

For starters, the Netherlands is so small that it’s possible to visit anywhere in the country on a day trip. Germany and Belgium are also next-door neighbors and close enough to the Dutch capital for a short side trip.

You’ll instantly realize how great public transport is when you visit Amsterdam too. Amsterdam Central Station connects this historic city with other train stations in college cities, medieval towns with a cobblestone market square, and tulip-laded villages in the countryside.

Best Things To Do in the Netherlands

Gaining a deeper appreciation of the local culture, however, has to be the top reason of all. Here are some of the best places to visit in the Netherlands on day trips via public transport, car, and group tour!

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1. Netherlands Open Air Museum

One of the top day trips from Amsterdam if you are traveling with kids and want to learn more about the Netherlands’ past, including medieval history, is to visit the Open Air Museum. It’s located in Arnhem, deep in the lush, green Dutch countryside.

Guides dressed in period clothing will lead you around this beautiful, authentic space where you can explore traditional houses and working windmills inside and out. There are buildings and vehicles from several eras and it will help you paint a picture of what life was like for Dutch people living at those times.

How To Take Day Trips to the Netherlands Open Air Museum

Distance from Amsterdam: 104 km/65 miles

You can travel to Netherlands Open Air Museum by car or by public transport. This round-trip journey takes approximately one hour by car and two hours by train.

By car, drive southeast from Amsterdam along the A1, turning onto the A30 and finally the A12 main roads. Intercity trains depart from Amsterdam Central Station to Arnhem Centraal every 30 minutes. From that train station, hop on the N.3 bus to Arnhem Peter van Anrooylaan bus stop which is right by the outdoor museum.

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2. The Hague

Visiting Amsterdam and disappointed that the Dutch Royal Family doesn’t live in Amsterdam and that the Dutch Parliament isn’t based there either? It’s settled: the best day trip from Amsterdam for you has to be The Hague. It’s one of the best day trips from amsterdam by train.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t love The Hague. It just seemed like another big city, but without the charm of Amsterdam. What I did love was visiting the Mauritshuis museum!

Vanessa Hunt in The Hague

Even though The Hague isn’t the Dutch capital, the Dutch Royal Family lives in Huis ten Bosch Palace right here in this city on the North Sea. Binnenhof is a complex of important government buildings in the historic city center of The Hague which includes Noordeinde Palace, the King’s workplace, and the Dutch Parliament buildings.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, the United Nations’ International Court of Justice is based in The Hague. The Peace Palace and the International Criminal Court buildings are where the work of the International Court is carried out. Phew!

While being home to the Dutch Royal Family, Dutch Parliament, International Court, and Peace Palace is prestigious, there are many other reasons why you should visit The Hague.

Its historic center is incredibly beautiful surrounded by a blend of centuries-old buildings and modern skyscrapers. One of the most important museums of Dutch art history, the Mauritshuis, is also in The Hague. It houses the famous Girl With the Pearl Earring painting by Dutch Golden Age artist Vermeer.

How To Take a Day Trip From Amsterdam to The Hague

Distance from Amsterdam: 65 km/40 miles

You can travel to The Hague by car, train, or one of the many organized day tours from Amsterdam to The Hague. This journey takes about an hour by car and 50 minutes on the train.

If you’re driving, take the main A10 ring road out of Amsterdam and head southwest along the A4 until you reach the city. Direct Sprinter trains depart from Amsterdam Sloterdijk station every 30 minutes to The Hague, and there are plenty of other non-direct services.

Take a guided tour to Delft, Rotterdam, & The Hague

3. Gouda

You’ve no doubt heard of the famous cheese, so why not visit the charming town where it was invented? Gouda is a small city in South Holland and one of the most fun day trips from Amsterdam for foodies and lovers of sweet and mild hard Dutch cheeses.

Centered around Gouda’s Market Square, you’ll find the beautiful Old Town Hall and the Gouda Cheese Market held every Thursday morning from April to September. If the Gouda Cheese Market isn’t open, you can hit up one of the many famous cheese shops elsewhere in the city center.

Round off your trip with a visit to Museum Gouda to learn more about Dutch history in the area. Check out the Gouda Cheese Experience if you really can’t get enough of this delicious, famous cheese.

How To Take the Best Day Trips From Amsterdam to Gouda

Distance from Amsterdam: 71 km/44 miles

You can visit Gouda on a day trip via car or public transport. Driving takes approximately one hour while the train and bus take around 75 minutes.

Drive along the A10 ring road out of Amsterdam and head southeast along the A2 towards Utrecht before turning southwest onto the A12 towards Gouda. Direct Sprinter trains depart Amsterdam Central Station every 90 minutes to Woerden, Gouda’s nearest station, but there are several more non-direct options. From Woerden, catch the non-stop shuttle bus to Gouda.

4. Keukenhof Gardens

Visiting Amsterdam during the spring? You can’t visit Holland without heading to Keukenhof Gardens. It’s one of the most magical places to visit near Amsterdam during this season. Every year, these gardens bloom with acres and acres of rainbow-colored tulips and tourists flock to the Dutch countryside to see them.

Tulip fields aren’t just exceptionally pretty to look at, they are part of the local culture and big business in the Netherlands. Keukenhof Gardens is an expansive park with woodland, ponds, and fountains with plenty of room (and lots to see!) for everyone who wants to visit during the high season.

How To Take a Touristy Day Trip From Amsterdam to Keukenhof Gardens

Distance from Amsterdam: 40 km/25 miles

You can drive, take public transport, or join organized Amsterdam day tours to visit Keukenhof Gardens. Driving takes around 40 minutes a combination of public trains/buses takes just over one hour.

By car, take the A4 road heading southwest until you turn right onto N207 towards Keukenhof. It doesn’t matter whether you catch a train from Central Station or Sloterdijk Station, every service towards Lisse (Keukenhof’s closest town, a 15-minute walk away) departs every hour and changes at Schiphol Airport station.

During the tulip festival season, you can buy tickets for the Keukenhof Express N.852 tourist buses which will transport you directly from Amsterdam to Keukenhof. Or, there are plenty of small group tours organized by travel companies.

Take a guided tour to Keukenhof Gardens

5. Bruges

If you’re looking for day trips from Amsterdam to other countries, definitely consider visiting Bruges. If you think all major Dutch cities are in the Netherlands, think again! Bruges is a Dutch-speaking town in Belgium that happens to have a medieval Old Town that looks like a painting ripped from a fairytale book.

One of the main landmarks in Bruges’ Market Square is its slightly tilted 13th-century Belfry where you can climb up to witness beautiful views. Buy delicious Belgian chocolate and fresh waffles from cafes and sail along the quaint, charming canals.

Top Tip: Don’t forget to take your passport with you when crossing borders!

How To Take the Best Day Trips From Amsterdam to Bruges

Distance from Amsterdam: 258 km/160 miles

The journey to take a Bruges day trip from Amsterdam is around three hours by both car and train. It’s best to travel by train to avoid parking stresses and unnecessary extra paperwork that might come with taking a rental bar across a border. You can also book small-group Amsterdam day tours for a convenient day trip from Amsterdam to Bruges.

Hop on a Eurostar or InterCity train from Amsterdam Central Station to Brussels Central Station which departs at least every 60 minutes. Then, take an IC train to Bruges.

Take a guided tour to Bruges

6. Zaanse Schans

Want to see a historic Dutch windmill or perhaps learn how traditional wooden clogs are made? Only visiting Amsterdam won’t fulfill those wishes, but taking just a short trip to the small town of Zaanse Schans will!

One of the most scenic Netherlands trips you could venture on, Zaanse Schans was purposefully built with traditional houses and windmills. It resembles how this village in the Dutch countryside would have looked in the 18th and 19th centuries.

There are lots of exhibits where you can learn more about the village’s history and old trades like pewter casting as well as how traditional wooden clogs are carved. I loved visiting this cute little town and it provided a ton of adorable photo ops!

How To Take a Day Trip From Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans

Distance from Amsterdam: 20 km/12 miles

You can either drive or take a bus to Zaanse Schans. Driving takes 18 minutes and the bus takes around 40 minutes. There are plenty of half and full-day tours from Amsterdam too.

By car, drive through the Amsterdam Noord neighborhood and head northwest towards Zaanse Schans. And by bus, head to Amsterdam Central Station and catch the N.391 bus directly to the Zaandam Zaanse Schans bus stop.

Take a guided tour to Zaanse Schans

7. Rotterdam

Rotterdam is one of the major Dutch cities and one of the best cities near Amsterdam to visit on a side trip. While it’s also a large waterside city in South Holland, Rotterdam couldn’t be more different than Amsterdam. It has a modern, cosmopolitan city center with a blend of traditional houses along the canal and contemporary skyscrapers in the port.

Architecture is one of the main reasons why many visit Rotterdam. This city is known for the Cube Houses, post-World War II residential buildings designed to look like trees. Today, the Cube Houses are a museum with photos, plans, and more detailing everything to do with the architect Piet Blom’s Cube Houses project.

How To Take the Best Day Trips From Amsterdam to Rotterdam

Distance from Amsterdam: 78 km/48 miles

Driving takes even longer than public transport to get to Rotterdam and you won’t need a car to get around the city, so it’s far better to take public transport. Or, you can book one of the day tours from Amsterdam if you’d like to tag another town or city onto your one-day trip.

Intercity or Eurostar services leave Central Station to Rotterdam every half an hour and only take around 40 minutes. The city is a short walk from the station; super easy!

Take a guided tour to Delft, Rotterdam, & The Hague

8. Delft

This was probably my favorite day trip from Amsterdam. I just fell in love with this little city and its history!

Delft is one of The Hague’s neighboring cities and one of the best places to visit in the Netherlands to learn more about Dutch art history and local culture.

It’s the birthplace of Delftware, an iconic ceramic style consisting of white, glazed pottery with handpainted blue designs. The original 17th century factory is still in operation where they have a museum and lead guided tours.

The Market Square in Delft’s Old Town boasts beautiful churches, a Renaissance-era Town Hall, and a museum dedicated to painter Johannes Vermeer who was born here. Visiting Delft for a day will give you an overview of Dutch history that you can’t get in Amsterdam.

If you choose to visit Delft, I highly recommend going on a Saturday so that you can shop at the Antiekmarkt. We found lots of great gems like affordable KLM houses, antique and real Royal Delft pottery, and some old clogs!

How To Take a Day Trip From Amsterdam to Delft

Distance from Amsterdam: 66 km/41 miles

Day tours from Amsterdam (often teamed with a visit to The Hague) and trains are both great ways to visit Delft. You can drive, but it takes the exact same time as public transport so there are few benefits.

Intercity trains depart from Amsterdam Sloterdijk station to Delft train station every 30 minutes and these journeys about an hour. The station is a short walk to Delft market square in the center of the city.

Take a guided tour to Delft, Rotterdam, & The Hague

9. Haarlem

One of the easiest and best day trips from Amsterdam by train, this beautiful canal city is one of Amsterdam’s neighboring cities. If you only have half a day to spare and are looking for just a short trip, Haarlem is an ideal choice.

Visit the Corrie ten Boom House near the Town Hall and market square where Jewish locals hid during World War II. Take a boat ride along the canals around the city center, and visit the Frans Hals Museum dedicated to another Dutch Master if you have the time.

How To Take the Best Day Trips From Amsterdam to Haarlem

Distance from Amsterdam: 33 km/20.5 miles

Taking public transport to Haarlem takes less than 15 minutes while driving takes half an hour, so the former is the best option for an easy day trip. We took the train from Amsterdam Centraal and it was very straight forward.

Direct Sprinter trains depart Amsterdam Sloterdijk station every eight (yes, eight!) minutes to Haarlem. From the station, the central market square is a very short walk south.

10. Groningen

Tucked away in the north, Groningen is not one of the major Dutch cities. It’s one of the most ideal day trips from Amsterdam if you want to travel more off the beaten path.

Groningen is the Dutch equivalent of a college town with a little shipbuilding and medieval history thrown in too. Visit the market square where you’ll find the Martinitoren, one of the most iconic buildings on the city’s skyline, and wander around the university’s historic campus.

How To Take a Day Trip From Amsterdam to Groningen

Distance from Amsterdam: 186 km/115.5 miles

You can either drive or take public transport to Groningen from Amsterdam. Unfortunately, there are no direct trains, but it’s still a super straightforward route. The journey takes around two hours by car or two and a half hours by train.

By car, follow the main A6 and A7 roads northeast to Groningen. Take a train from Amsterdam Central Station to Amersfoort Central Station, where you can catch a connection to Groningen Railway Station. These services (Intercity and Sprinter) depart approximately twice an hour.

11. Brussels

Looking to maximize your time in Europe? One of the best day trips out of Amsterdam is to Brussels. If you leave early and stay late, you can tick off all the main sights of the Belgian capital city without rushing.

Be sure to take a day trip from Paris to grab some Belgian waffles in Brussels!

Grand Place is Brussels’ market square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the city center consisting of opulent, 14th-century buildings. Don’t leave without tasting delicious Belgian chocolate and saying hello to the peeing statue of Mannekin Pis and the street art murals of the beloved comic book character Tintin.

How To Take the Best Day Trips From Amsterdam to Brussels

Distance from Amsterdam: 208 km/129 miles

It couldn’t be simpler to venture on a day trip to Brussels from Amsterdam either by train or small group tour. Driving to Brussels takes around two hours and 40 minutes while train journeys are approximately two hours.

Take a direct train via Thalys or Eurostar from Central Station to Brussels Zuid/Midi station. Direct trains depart every two hours but there are other ones you can catch with connections in Rotterdam and Schiphol Airport.

Take a guided tour to Brussels

12. Dusseldorf

One of the easiest train trips from Amsterdam Central Station is to, believe it or not, Germany! Dusseldorf is one of the closest major German cities to Amsterdam and an ideal place to visit for a day.

Dusseldorf’s city center is split by the Rhine River with the Old Town on the east and the contemporary, modern side to the west. Visit Königsallee for boutique shopping opportunities and the Schifffahrtsmuseum Tower for a local history museum and epic panoramic views.

How To Take a Day Trip From Amsterdam to Dusseldorf

Distance from Amsterdam: 230 km/143 miles

You can drive to Dusseldorf from Amsterdam in two hours and 30 minutes or take a direct train and be there in just over two hours. Taking public transport is the easiest option for country-hopping day trips!

ICE International train services depart from Amsterdam Central to Dusseldorf Central Station every two hours. From the station, it’s a short 10-minute ride on the U-Bahn to get into the center of Dusseldorf.

13. Giethoorn

Giethoorn might be one of the only villages in the Dutch countryside that hasn’t been purpose-built to look historic. It just does! This is one of the top day trips from Amsterdam if you want to visit a picturesque place with thatched houses that people really live in.

Book a boat tour of the waterways to gain a fascinating glimpse into how this strictly car-free small town operates day-to-day. On a boat ride with a local guide from the Weerribben-Wieden National Park, you’ll not only see how pretty this peaceful place is but learn about the village’s history too.

How To Take the Best Day Trips From Amsterdam to Giethoorn

Distance from Amsterdam: 125 km/78 miles

Traveling to Giethoorn from Amsterdam by public transport is possible, but takes around an hour longer than traveling by car. Either drive or book one of the many small group day tours from Amsterdam.

By car, take the A6 northwest out of Amsterdam before turning onto the N333 road to Giethoorn. This journey takes around 90 minutes.

Take a Guided Tour to Giethoorn

14. Utrecht

If Rotterdam is too modern and The Hague is too busy, head to the beautiful city of Utrecht. It’s known for the stacks of medieval history tucked away in every building of its Old Town like the Gothic St Martin’s Cathedral and the Dom Tower.

Another iconic building just outside of Utrecht’s city center, the Rietveld-Schröder House, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Along with its architecture, Utrecht boasts a charming canal you can kayak along with alfresco dining on the banks.

How To Take a Day Trip From Amsterdam to Utrecht

Distance from Amsterdam: 43 km/27 miles

Day trips to Utrecht from Amsterdam are also much easier, cheaper, and faster by train than by car.

Direct ICE or Intercity train trips from Amsterdam Central Station depart for Utrecht every one to two hours. The train journey only takes half an hour, so it’s one of the quickest day trips.

15. Edam (and Volendam & Marken)

Gouda isn’t the only Dutch town that invented a famous cheese. The charming fishing village of Edam also has its fair share of cheese shops and hosts a traditional cheese market every Wednesday during summer.

One of the most popular, and best, Amsterdam day trips is to visit another fishing village called Volendam and a small town on an offshore island called Marken too. This trifecta of idyllic Dutch towns will allow you to taste local Dutch cheeses, walk along colorful harbors, take a boat tour, taste fresh seafood, and make the most out of your one-day trip.

How To Take the Best Day Trips From Amsterdam to Edam

Distance from Amsterdam: 21 km/13 miles

Organized Amsterdam excursions and renting a car are the best ways to take a day trip to Edam if you want to also visit Volendam and Marken. Public transport is possible but not worth the hassle.

By car, Edam is only 25 minutes north of Amsterdam along the N247 road and Volendam is a seven-minute journey east. To get to Marken, you can either drive 22 minutes south along the coast and take the bridge or catch a 24-minute ferry boat ride from Volendam.

16. Leiden

Leiden is the hidden gem of South Holland and it’s a shame more people don’t visit on an Amsterdam day trip. This picturesque town is like a miniature Amsterdam except you’ll be able to see all the main sights in just one day!

It’s an ancient Dutch town, boasting the Netherlands’ very first university. Leiden Botanical Garden was also where the first tulip was planted in Western Europe. Dutch Golden Age painter Rembrandt was born in Leiden, so the Museum de Lakenhal houses many of his works.

How To Take a Day Trip From Amsterdam to Leiden

Distance from Amsterdam: 45 km/28 miles

Taking a day trip to Leiden is much quicker and easier by train as journeys are only around 30 minutes compared to 45 minutes by car. All the main sights in Leiden are a short walk from each other.

Head to Amsterdam Sloterdijk station and catch a direct Intercity or Sprinter service to Leiden Centraal. These services leave at least every 30 minutes and there are more you can catch if you don’t mind changing trains at Schiphol Airport.

17. Hoorn

Hoorn is an old fishing village on the North Sea and an off-the-beaten-path alternative to the more touristy Volendam. It’s one of the best Amsterdam day trips to discover more about the Netherlands’ maritime heritage.

It was once a key port in the Dutch East India Company with sailors strolling past the 16th-century Hoofdtoren tower on their way into town. The 17th-century center of this charming fishing village is full of churches, museums, and other ornate buildings.

How To Take the Best Day Trips From Amsterdam to Hoorn

Distance from Amsterdam: 44 km/27.5 miles

You can do a day trip to Hoorn either by car or train, both are easy though driving is significantly faster. By car, this journey takes around 35 minutes and by bus, it’s about an hour.

Drive north out of Amsterdam following the A8 directly north to Hoorn. Alternatively, catch the direct N.314 bus from Central Station to Hoorn bus station.

Direct Sprinter train services are also available from Amsterdam Central, but these train trips stop at every single little station along the route so the journey takes 90 minutes. Both the train and bus leave every hour.

18. Alkmaar

Yes, there’s another Dutch town filled with cheese shops and a traditional cheese market in its city center! While Alkmaar doesn’t have a famous cheese named after it, this picturesque town arguably hosts the more popular, better food market on Friday mornings.

Continuing the cheese theme, you can visit the Dutch Cheese Museum whilst in Alkmaar to learn all about all varieties of famous cheese in the Netherlands and the village’s history.

How To Take a Day Trip From Amsterdam to Alkmaar

Distance from Amsterdam: 42 km/26 miles

Whether you take a train or drive to Alkmaar on a day trip, both journeys are easy and will take you the same amount of time which is approximately 40 minutes.

Drive north across the Amsterdam Noord neighborhood and then northwest along the A8 and the smaller N246 and N244 roads to Alkmaar. If you’re traveling by train, head to Amsterdam Sloterdijk station and take a direct Intercity service to Alkmaar station. From there, it’s a very short walk to the town’s market square.

19. Antwerp

Due to its proximity to the border, Antwerp is the most convenient day trip from Amsterdam if you want to visit Belgium. This beautiful city is famous for its Instagrammable Old Town where you can find delicious Belgian chocolate, renaissance architecture, and a historic diamond district.

How To Take the Best Day Trips From Amsterdam to Antwerp

Distance from Amsterdam: 159 km/99 miles

Day trips to Antwerp from Amsterdam are one of the easiest cross-border trips! Trains are faster than driving and far less stressful than renting a car.

Hop on a direct IC, Intercity, or Thalys service from Amsterdam Central to Antwerpen-Centraal station. They depart roughly every hour and the journey takes around one hour and 45 minutes.

20. Maastricht

Visiting Maastricht is one of the least popular Amsterdam day trips as it’s one of the furthest major cities away from the capital. But if you wanted to visit a city far off the beaten path, it’s a fantastic choice.

Maastricht is a university town on the Belgian border with a vibrant past. One of the first battles that took place on the Western Front in World War II was the Battle of Maastricht and the Maastricht Treaty, signed here, was the foundation of the European Union. Along with its medieval historic center, Maastricht has an incredibly diverse history that makes it well worth visiting.

How To Take a Day Trip From Amsterdam to Maastricht

Distance from Amsterdam: 210 km/130 miles

Despite Maastricht being in the Netherlands, it’s quite far away from Amsterdam. It often takes just as long to travel there as it does to cities in Belgium or Germany! But it’s definitely still doable by train or by car. Both options for this journey take around two hours and 20 minutes.

Drive southeast along the main A2 road from Amsterdam before turning onto the A73 road to Maastricht. Direct Intercity trains leave Amsterdam Central to Maastricht every 30 minutes.

21. Essen

Essen is another option if you’re looking for more day trips from Amsterdam to Germany.

Although it is known for its coal mining history, Essen is a lush, green city with lots of parks and heritage trails. However, if you were interested in learning more about Essen’s energy history, its former 19th-century coal mine is now a UNESCO site and a museum.

How To Take the Best Day Trips From Amsterdam to Essen

Distance from Amsterdam: 203 km/126 miles

You can either drive or take trains to Essen from Amsterdam. Both options have a similar journey length with driving taking around two and a half hours and the trains taking closer to two hours and 10 minutes.

Drive southeast out of Amsterdam along the A1, A30, and A12 main roads until you reach the German border where you’ll drive on Autobahn 3 for most of the way until you reach Essen.

ICE International trains to Duisburg Central Station depart Amsterdam Central every two hours. From Duisburg, hop on a quick regional train to Essen Central Station.

22. Kinderdijk

Kinderdijk is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the best Amsterdam day trips if you want to learn more about how the Netherlands has stopped land from flooding time and again. It turns out, the beautiful canals and windmills in Kinderdijjk actually have an important job!

How To Take a Day Trip From Amsterdam to Kinderdijk

Distance from Amsterdam: 95 km/59 miles

While it’s possible to venture on day trips to Kinderdijk on public transport via Rotterdam, you’re looking at a journey of at least two trains and two buses. This is a great side trip if you don’t mind driving in the Netherlands because it’s only a 75-minute ride.

Drive southeast from Amsterdam along the A2 where you will eventually loop around on the A27 and A15.

23. Amersfoort

There are many medieval cities in the Netherlands but if you’re looking for day trips from Amsterdam with the same vibe in a small town, Amersfoort is a fantastic choice. It’s only a stone’s throw from Utrecht so it’s a convenient place to visit from the capital.

Amersfoort’s landmark is called Koppelpoort, a wonderfully-preserved 14th and 15th-century city gate that stretches across land and water. Its clock tower, the Onze Lieve Vrouwetoren, looms over the narrow cobblestone lanes. Plus, Amersfoort is off the usual tourist trail.

How To Take the Best Day Trips From Amsterdam to Amersfoort

Distance from Amsterdam: 53 km/33 miles

Driving to Amersfoort for a day trip might be ten minutes quicker than taking the train, but it’s a negligible amount of time when the train journey from Amsterdam is only one hour. Save on parking and rental car costs and take the train.

Direct Sprinter trains depart from Amsterdam Sloterdijk station to Amersfoort Centraal station every half an hour. There are also many more services from Amsterdam Central with connections if you don’t mind changing trains at Schiphol Airport or Utrecht.

24. Castle Muiderslot

Saving the most low-key place to take a trip out of Amsterdam until last, Muiderslot is a beautiful pink-hued, fairytale-esque castle. This 13th-century castle sits in the middle of a moat and has turrets and a drawbridge. Yes, it looks exactly like the castles in folktales and legends!

You could easily spend a few hours here exploring the museum and formal gardens as well as the fully renovated interiors.

How To Take Half a Day Trip From Amsterdam to Castle Muiderslot

Distance from Amsterdam: 16 km/10 miles

Driving to Muiderslot only takes 30 minutes, but renting a car is a lot of effort for a half-day adventure. Instead, use a combination of Amsterdam’s affordable train and bus services.

There are many options but the best is to take one of the Sprinter trains from Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station to Weesp Station (they depart every hour) and then the N.110 bus service to Muiden, which is where you’ll find the castle.

Day Trips From Amsterdam FAQs

Is a day trip to Amsterdam from London (or vice versa) possible?

Unfortunately, a day trip between Amsterdam and London isn’t possible. The Eurostar train takes four hours to travel between Amsterdam Central Station to St. Pancras International in London which is an eight-hour round trip.

Alternatively, flights between the Dutch capital and the English capital only take around one hour and 15 minutes. However, you would need to find convenient flight times and you would also have to ask yourself if a day trip to such a huge city like London would be worth it.

What other countries to visit while in Amsterdam?

Some other countries you can visit while in Amsterdam include Belgium and Germany which are both just a short trip via public transport. Luxembourg and France are too far away for a day trip, regardless of whether you are traveling by road or public transport.

Amsterdam Day Trips for a Bonus Dutch Adventure

No matter which of these amazing day trips from Amsterdam you choose, you’ll absolutely enjoy exploring more places in the Netherlands when you visit Amsterdam. It’s a country full of tulip fields, historic towns, cheese markets, windmills, and much more. What’s not to love?!

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