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Unforgettable Things To Do in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Visiting Northern Ireland and looking to explore the capital city? Discover the best things to do in Belfast, from history, to adventure, to the best pubs in town. When planning a trip to Ireland, many travelers overlook Belfast in favor of Dublin, the ‘real’ capital of Ireland, or other capital cities in the UK. Northern […]

20 Most Romantic Places in Europe

Looking for romantic destinations to sweep your partner off their feet and create new romantic memories to last a lifetime? Here are the most romantic places in Europe to put on your bucket list. From beautiful cities and cobbled streets to unforgettable sunsets, Europe has so many romantic destinations that are sure to please those […]

The Best Non-Schengen Countries in Europe for Nomads in 2023

Non Schengen Countries in Europe

If you’re visiting Europe and want to know how to stay longer than 90 days on a Schengen visa, discover the rest of Europe with these non Schengen countries where you can reset your visa. The Best Non-Schengen Countries in Europe for Nomads in 2023 If you’re a digital nomad or just want to stay in […]

Americans Now Need Visas to Visit Europe – Here’s What You Need to Know

American Visa Europe

UPDATE: Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, this requirement has been pushed back to 2023.  If you’re planning a trip to Europe, be sure you learn about the new American Visa Europe program that will be effective in late 2023. Americans Now Need a Visa to Visit Europe – Here’s What You Need to Know For […]

Go Here Instead in 2023! Solving the Problem of Overtourism through Alternative Destinations

Solving the problem of overtourism

Overtourism is a quickly increasing global issue. We can attempt to help solve the problem of overtourism by choosing to travel to alternative destinations. I’ve rounded up some incredible alternative destinations that will be less crowded and more sustainable.