Amazon Prime Day 2023 & Deal Week – My Best Travel Gear and More Picks

Check out my favorite Amazon Prime Day deal picks for travel!

Check out my favorite Amazon Prime Day deal picks for travel!

It’s that time of year again…when Amazon descends upon us with their deals, and every other company follows suit! I try to be very conscious about what I purchase and try to make sure I’m only purchasing items that I will use and that will last. Amazon is not always the best place to buy these items, but sometimes the deals are too good to pass up. In an attempt to help you be more intentional with your Amazon Prime Day purchases, I’ve rounded up the products that I’m excited about purchasing.

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Airplane Pocket Tray

I’m really excited to try this out on my next flight. I fly a lot on very long-haul flights and this will be so helpful to organize all the things I need so I can just put my bag away and not worry about it. It’s also a lot more sanitary since it covers your tray completely.

Anker Power Bank

I’m obsessed with my Anker Power Bank. I have the big one, but I’ve been in the market for a smaller one to put in my purse throughout the day while I travel, so I’ll definitely be getting this one. I’ve been through multiple small power banks that I haven’t loved. Anker has been consistently awesome for me.

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Mac Book Air

If you need to take your work with you when you travel, this is an insane deal on a Mac Book Air! My kids all have these for school and I have one for work. It’s nice and light for traveling.

Instax Camera

This is such a fun camera for kids to travel with. My daughter got this for Christmas and she loves taking photos with it during our travels and at home. This is on sale for a great price for Target Circle Week.

Universal Power Adapter

I bought this universal power adapter this year because my old one exploded. It was time for an upgrade. This has been through several months of use and it’s been great. I especially love it because it has FIVE outputs (2 USB and 2 USBC) as well as a regular plug outlet, so it’s literally the only thing I need to bring!

Anti-Theft Travelon Purses

These purses are so great for travel. Cute, comfortable, sturdy, waterproof, and most importantly, nearly impossible to have things stolen out of them. They have a few options for the Amazon Prime Day sale, so be sure to check out the one that’s right for you.

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Fold Up Duffel Bag

I always pack this duffel bag in my suitcase and then carry it on the plane full of souvenirs when I travel. It folds up really small, has a strap that goes over my suitcase handle, and even has a charger. It holds so much and is super sturdy.

Carry On Luggage

I’m always looking for good carry on luggage. My daughter who is going off to college next year is in need of a new suitcase for our adventures this year, so I’ll be trying this one out. It’s got great reviews for a great price, comes in several colors and some are a better price than others.

Toiletry Travel Bag

I got this toiletry travel bag a few months ago and it’s been amazing. I love that it hangs, so it becomes like a little toiletry shelf wherever you go. It’s helped me stay really organized while traveling, something I’m not normally good at!

Luggage Scale

If you’re a chronic overpacker like me, you’re going to need to invest in this portable luggage scale. This has been a life-saver. My last bag was 49.8 pounds (oops), so I was really glad to have a scale to double check my luggage weight.

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Portable Neck Fan

These are great for theme parks or for traveling in super hot and humid destinations.

3D Eye Mask

These eye masks are awesome, especially as someone who wears mascara and has long eyelashes. Regular eye masks drive me crazy. These are super comfy and super cheap right now.

Apple AirTags 4 Pack

These have been game-changers and given me so much peace of mind, especially when I’m checking a bag. I have been surprised by how well these work. I have one in my purse, backpack, carryon, and checked bag.

Collapsible Water Bottle

I love being able to bring my own water bottle when I travel, but my hydroflask and my Grayl take up so much space and is heavy. If I’m tight on space and weight and I don’t need to worry about water safety, I take a collapsible bottle instead.

Mosquito Repellant Bracelets

If you’re like me and don’t love spraying yourself with DEET, then these mosquito repellant bracelets are a good alternative.

Biker Shorts

These shorts are great for working out and traveling in hot weather. I like to wear them with an oversized shirt when we go to Disneyland.

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CRZ Yoga Sports Bra

I love CRZ Yoga and their leggings. This sports bra is a win for me too. I love that its high neck but not too high. I sometimes use this as a swim top too.

I hope you find some good deals on things you actually need for your upcoming travels. If you see a good deal I missed, please let me know!

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