Breezing through Airports with Kids

breezing through airports with kids

It’s fair to say that airports have become really stressful places. Long lines, excessive security searches, and then the long wait while your flight gets delayed again, and again. It’s bad enough on your own but with children it can be even worse.

On the bright side though, each of these issues can be mitigated or even avoided altogether. In this article we will try and help you deal with surviving airports with young children in tow because as we’ve talked about before, traveling with children can be a real joy.

It all comes down to being prepared

The best way to make your time in airports easier is to be prepared. How often have we been stuck behind that person at the checkout desk who can’t find their passport or the annoying person at security with a bank’s worth of change in their pocket? Smarter Travel stated that airports are now busier than ever, making life for passengers much harder.

Let’s face it: security is bad and it is only going to get worse. Take the coins out of your pocket (don’t forget to double check for the tiny ones that always get stuck) and have other items that need to be scanned in an easily accessible part of your carry-on luggage. A guide post from Eagle Creek informs that the quickest way through security is to perform your own security scan.

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airports with kids

Bring items to keep everyone occupied

Even the most saintly of adults lose their patience at airports. That’s nothing compared to how easily children get bored. Thus, it is essential to have some form of entertainment on you at all times, kids don’t need loads of toys and can make do with some simple items.

Use technology to your advantage

Checking-in online is the fastest way to get from the car park to the terminal. A few simple clicks and it can eliminate stressful situations. You get the seats that you want and the time spent at the check-in desk is halved.

The first struggle with airports is finding a car park space. We’ve all been there desperately searching for a parking space. The children are getting impatient, and the parents are worried that the minutes are ticking down and they will miss their flight. Such scenarios are more common in popular family destinations.

For instance, at leading European hubs such as Gatwick Airport, however, Parking4Less states that the most convenient method of parking for passengers looking to take the pressure off finding a space is to use the valet parking options. Upon arrival, a driver is met by a chauffeur who takes their keys and will then park their car. Thus, leaving you and your family with ample time to head off to the terminal for your flight. This sort of option isn’t exclusive to Gatwick – all major international airports more or less have similar services that can be booked in advance of your trip.

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airports with kids

When you get into the terminal be sure to check out the restaurants. Most airports now have some top eateries with specifically designed menus to ensure that quality food comes out quickly. Travel and Leisure complied a list of the best airport restaurants in the world on their site. For the most part, these restaurants also have quality children’s menus to ensure your child has a healthy and tasty meal.

The Guide to Sleeping in Airports states that family airport time seems to be a necessary evil. However that was in the past, these days many airports have child-friendly areas to entertain the kids and make your journey more relaxing.

airport with kids

Holidays with the family are great, and getting there doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Hopefully these tips will make the journey smoother and a lot quieter.

airports with kids