Worldschool Gift Guide

worldschool gift guide

This is the ultimate worldschool gift guide. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your traveling and/or homeschooling friends, pick one of these great picks!

worldschool gift guide

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Worldschool Gift Guide

What to get for the people who have everything? Or rather, what to get the people who travel the world and don’t have a home or need for many physical belongings? I’ve always been a firm believer in gifting experiences, but my family loves to buy my kids gifts since they don’t get to see them all the time. Sometimes grandmas just need something to wrap right?!

I know how hard it can be to find gifts for people who have just sold or given away all their posessions in exchange for experiences, but I’ve come up with a list of essential worldschool gifts that we actually use and love in our own family.

I’ve divided this worldschool gift guide into five categories:

  1. Travel

  2. Educational

  3. Outdoor

  4. Games

  5. Books

worldschool gift guide

1. Travel Gifts

This category is pretty obvious as worldschool families are constantly on the go and travel items are always welcome and appreciated. These are some of our favorite travel products that would make great gifts for worldschoolers.

The Gift of Travel

This one may be obvious, but if you’re shopping for a travel-lover, there’s a good chance that any gift of travel will be a hit! It doesn’t necessarily have to be a “trip,” but giving a gift card for a hotel website Airbnb  or an airline would be so appreciated by anyone planning on traveling.

If you’re feeling REALLY generous, you could even gift a trip through Intrepid Travel. They have amazing deals on small group tours all around the world and do a fantastic job!

A Walking Guide of Things to do in Paris

An Experience

Just as travel gift cards or travel can be a great gift for worldschooling families, the gift of an experience, something that you don’t have to carry around, can be perfect for someone with limited space. Get Your Guide  is my favorite place to book experiences and tours around the world.

Chatbooks Subscriptionworldschool gift guide

Chatbooks is an awesome company started by a mother of 7 who was tired of having all her photos on her phone and nothing printed! She and her husband developed an app that would convert your instagram photos, camera roll, facebook photos, and whatever photos you want to add into an adorable little book so that you can hold what matters. Give the gift of a photobook subscription. Each Chatbook is only $8 and you can get your first book free right here!  Worldschool families will love having all their travels documented in print! We have been with this company since their first days and have loved watching them grow!

Tava Adventures Passports

worldschool gift guide

Another family run company that we just adore! We even got to meet up with the owners when we were in Italy. They put their heart and soul into these adorable Travel Passports that are perfect for keeping kids engaged while traveling and learning all they can in a fun way. There are 13 Passports available for destinations around the world.


Zig Zag City Guides

worldschool gift guide

These Zig Zag City Guides are adorable and perfect for kids who are a little older. They include a fun fold out map of each destination. I like to let my kids pick a few of the “things to do” cards before we arrive. It really helps get them excited about each location.

How to Become a Digital Nomad Family in 5 Steps

Scratch Map

worldschool gift guide

We actually dragged this map all around Europe with us last year. It was so fun to scratch off a new country every time we crossed a border. The kids were learning geography and keeping track of our travels at the same time. We hung our travel map up at every house we went to.

Instax Camera

worldschool gift guide

We love this little polaroid camera that the kids can easily use to document our travels and they come in such fun colors! I love seeing what they capture from their point of view.

Wool Socks

worldschool gift guide

Ok this one seems kind of silly, but warm, comfortable, and durable socks are so important when traveling, especially to cold weather climates. We love these adorable reindeer socks! 


worldschool gift guide

These little suitcases are so great for kids who want to pull their own suitcase, but then…don’t, which happened all the time when my kids were smaller!

Carryon Scooter

worldschool gift guide

These carryon scooters are great for bigger kids. They can be in charge of their own luggage and still get around the airport quickly!

2. Educational Gifts

Boogie Board

worldschool gift guide

This is probably our most used worldschool gift. Our kids use them on a daily basis and it’s a great alternative to hauling around paper and pencils (although we still do)! Boogie boards last for several years and are super thin and easily portable.

How to Guarantee You See Northern Lights in Norway

Mini Microscope

worldschool gift guide

I love this tiny little travel microscope that is easilly portable, but works so well! I’m getting them as gifts for my nieces and nephews this year. And you can’t beat the price!

Microscope Slides

worldschool gift guide

These are great preloaded slides to go with the mini microscope.

Mini Water Color Set

worldschool gift guide

Our kids love art, but it’s so hard to lug around art supplies everywhere we go. This little water color set is perfect for throwing into a backpack and can even be taken on a hiking or camping trip.

3. Outdoor Gifts

Compass Caribeaner 

worldschool gift guide

I love these little compases. They are inexpensive and can clip onto a backpack or even a belt loop. After getting lost in a forest in Oregon last summer, I will never hike again without a compass!

The North Face Backpack

worldschool gift guide

I’m totally obsessed with my North Face backpack. It’s been with me for years and has held up really well! This is a great gift for kids and adults.


worldschool gift guide

Ask anyone who owns a hydroflask and they will tell you that they can’t live without them! It really does keep water cold for hours, even days!

Double Hammock

worldschool gift guide

This double hammock is so fun for kids to snuggle up in!

4. Game Gifts

50 Roadtrip Games

worldschool gift guide

This is a nice little pack of different games to play in the car while on a road trip. Great way to keep everyone’s sanity in tact!

Spot it on the Road

worldschool gift guide

Our kids are obsessed with Spot It! I actually love playiing it too. It’s easy enough for even the tiniest travelers to play.

Family Road Trip

worldschool gift guide

We love this Family Road trip game. Fun to play on or off the road.

7 Reasons Your Family Should Travel Europe by Train

Ticket to Ride

worldschool gift guide

This super fun strategy game is a great way to teach kids geography. The original version is set in North America.

Ticket to Ride Europe

worldschool gift guide

This game is basically the same as Ticket to Ride, but it is set in Europe. Great for learning European geography.


worldschool gift guide

We love this game and will even play it without the kids! It’s also a great way to teach kids their letters, letter sounds and how to read. Our four-year-old recently read his first word while playing Bananagrams! 


worldschool gift guide

This game is similar to Bananagrams, in that it contains little tiles, but it’s a math game!

Bug/Bird Bingo

worldschool gift guide

We love learning about animals, bugs and birds in family. There are several types of bingo in this series, but our favorite is probably Bird Bingo.

5. Book Gifts

Kindle Paper White

worldschool gift guide

Since it’s extremely difficult to haul a lot of books around, we rely on Kindles for reading.  If you want to add something special to this gift, a Kindle Unlimited subscription would make an awesome gift!

Audible Memberhip

worldschool gift guide

The best thing about roadtrips is all the audiobooks our family gets to listen to. It’s one of our favorite things to do together. We’ve listened to some amazing books over the year. This is probably the subscription that gets the best moneys worth every month! We listen to book ALL the time!

Cozy Headphones

worldschool gift guide

These headphones are amazing for tiny heads that can’t keep headphones on their ears and they are super adorable!

London and Paris Trip Itinerary

“This Is…” Travel Books

worldschool gift guide

We love these travel books for young readers about famous cities around the world. The artwork is super cute too.

The Travel Book

worldschool gift guide

This great book from Lonely Planet covers every single country in the world with interesting facts and pictures.

The Dangerous Book for Boys

worldschool gift guide

This is a fun book full of activities for boys!

The Daring Book for Girls

worldschool gift guide

This is the girl version of the Dangerous Book for boys, full of activities for girls.

Little House Series Book Set

worldschool gift guide

We love these books and read them all while exploring the United States. They’re full of history and family values. Definitely a classic!

Harry Potter Book Set

worldschool gift guide

Nothing beats Harry Potter (according to my kids)! Nothing! They are also all available on Audible and read so beautifully!

National Geographic Kids Subscription

worldschool gift guide

We love this magazine for kids, full of interesting stories from around the world, and it’s always fun to get somethingin the mail if you’re home long enough to check it!

Travel Themed Christmas Ornaments

Travel themed Christmas ornaments can also be a great and affordable gift for worldschoolers. 

I hope this worldschool gift guide has been helpful for you. These are products we use and love and will be great for any worldschooler or any family!

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