Whenever I’m looking for some travel inspiration, I turn to Instagram. I wanted to share my favorite family travel instagram accounts with you. As well as my own account @wanderlust.crew I help run @travelmums where we feature mothers traveling with their kids, so I’ve gotten to know a lot of great traveling families. If I don’t follow you on instagram, please introduce yourself, I’d love to be friends! Here are a few of my favorite family travel Instagram accounts. Click on the image to follow them!

Family Off Duty

This Dutch-Brazilian-British family loves wandering Europe with their trilingual little girl. Thassia’s pictures are just dreamy!

Family Travel Instagram

A Little At Large

If Narelle’s beachy pictures don’t make you want to move to Australia, nothing will!

family travel instagram

Macs Explore

This adventure-loving family of four has a feed full of outdoor beauty and amazing PNW snow pictures!

family travel instagram

Family Corel Adventures

This adventure loving family of 3 from Slovenia is always on the run and taking the path less traveled. Absolutely love their cultural experiences and beautiful photography!

family travel instagram

Travel With Meraki

Meraki is a Greek word that means to do something with heart and soul. To put a little bit of yourself into something. And that’s exactly what this Aussie family of 5 does!

family travel instagram

Globetrotting Grommets

The Globetrotters and their 3 grommets run a travel agency and visit beautiful and exotic locations!

family travel instagram

Travel Babbo

One of my favorite accounts for inspiration, I love this dad who takes each of his 3 children on separate trips every year…wherever they want to go!

Family Travel Instagram

 Smiths Holiday Road

Another inspiring family who travels with 3 kids and a wheelchair. Be sure to read their story! Love these guys!

What to do on Guernsey Island

family travel instagram

Travel Photo Bloggers

This family of 4 from Finland travels everywhere and take amazing photos! Check out the reindeers from Lapland!

family travel instagram

My Well Traveled Friend

Anna and Oscar are quite the duo as they circle the globe searching for adventures together!

family travel instagram

Nappy Nomad

Love this mama and baby duo who have been traveling since 7 weeks old!

family travel instagram

Mum Pack Travel

Follow the adventures of Evie and Emmie as they travel the world for their second year! These girls have big love for our elephant friends!

family travel instagram

Tava Adventures

One of my first Insta-friends, Kady has been a true inspiration to me while watching her daughter battle brain cancer this year. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Kady in person (we met up in Italy) and she is just as lovely in person as online!

family travel instagram

Pearce On Earth

This family of 5 has been traveling for 8 years and have visited 32 countries!

family travel instagram

Wyld Family Travel

If castles, palaces or history are your thing, you need to follow Bec, Mark and their girls as they attempt to visit every castle in the world (I’m kidding, but I wouldn’t be surprised)!

family travel Instagram

Driving Dad

I love seeing traveling dads on Instagram! This guy and his 3 boys are conquering Europe at the moment!

family travel instagram

Adventures With My Mini Me

Follow Australians Jo and Bonnie in their dreamy life in Venice, Italy!

family travel instagram

Suitcases and Sandcastles

I love seeing Clare’s weekend trips around the UK and the rest of Europe!

family travel instagram

Kirsty Larmour

One of my very first Insta-Friends, Kirsty, a homeschooling mama in the UAE takes the most transporting desert photographs!

10 Most Magical European Christmas Markets

family travel instagram

Earth Trekkers

This family has been to 57 countries and counting!

family travel instagram

By Jetpack

This family from a little island in Holland recently traveled the world with their 3 sons.

Family Travel Instagram

Travelling Family

This family from Denmark is living in Nepal and seeing as much of the world as they can! Love the bright colors from Nepal in all their photos. Mom, Ingrid is also an amazing knitter!

Family Travel Instagram

The Bucket List Family 

This family of 4 sold everything to travel the world. I love watching their fun videos each week and the service they give while traveling.

 Family travel instagram


I love following care’s dreamy feed and their adorable baby girl on all their adventures!

family travel instagram

Currently Wandering

This family of 5 lives in an airstream full-time, having adventures all over North America and following the sun or snow!

family travel instagram


A family of 5 traveling the world and sharing their dreamy pictures.

family travel instagram

3 Kids Travel

This family is raising their 3 little girls to be cultured, adventurous, global citizens.

family travel instagram

Seven Wanderers

Love this family, who’s got us beat, traveling the world with FIVE kids!


Leap and Hop

Isabelle has the most amazing adventures with her family and makes books for children all about them!

family travel instagram

Gelato Travel

This expat family from California now lives in beautiful Switzerland!

family travel instagram

Happy Place Hunters

Love all the happy places this family of 4 finds!

family travel instagram

A Broader Nest

This family of 5 took the year off to see the world!

family travel instagram

Jake and Dannie

Jake takes the most stunning photos of Dannie and baby Lisa on their adventures around the world! I’m also in love with Dannie’s wardrobe who is a girl after my own heart about not packing light!

The Best Things to do in Grand Teton National Park

family travel instagram

Nesting Nomads

Love this unschooling family’s adventures and photography!

family travel instagram

Our Wild and Free Family

This So Cal family packed it up and moved to New Zealand to live the dream!

family travel instagram

Y Travel Blog

Caz and Craig are a wealth of information as they have been traveling for over a decade. They are currently in Australia and just got cleared to head to the US for the next 3 years! Hoping we can meet up with them.

family travel instagram

No Man Before

Kelly, Aaron and baby Hudson are US expats living in Cambridge and traveling the world.

family travel instagram Wanderlust Crew

Is it weird to add myself to this list? Probably! If you don’t follow me on Instagram already,  please do! I’d love to connect with you! W

family travel instagram

Ok, who did I miss in this post? There are so many amazing traveling families out there and it was hard not to include them all! If you’re not on this list, it doesn’t mean I don’t love you!!! Do you have friends that made it on here? How amazing would it be to all be able to meet up some day!

XOXO Vanessa


family travel instagram
My Favorite Family Travel Instagram Accounts

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