If you’re heading to any European Christmas Markets this season, be sure to try these 10 amazing sweet and unique treats! 

10 Best Treats to Try at European Christmas Markets

Here’s a little video of my favorite treats from European Christmas markets!

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There’s nothing more magical than spending the Holiday season surrounded by chilly weather, festive lights, and the smell of chestnuts roasting in the air. There’s no doubt that European Christmas Markets are bucket list destinations! And the best part of the Christmas Market experience is the incredible food! Don’t miss the best European Christmas market treats!

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10 Best Treats to Try at European Christmas Markets

1. Kinder Punch

While all the grown-ups and alcohol drinkers wander around with their mulled wine, everyone else can grab some tasty Kinder Punch. Not quite sure what’s in it and it tasted completely different at every market. A mix of juices is probably the best way to describe it, but you’ve got to try some if only to keep you warm inside!

European Christmas Markets

2. Bubble Waffles

I don’t even know how they get those perfectly amazing bubbles, but it’s like an explosion of goodness in every bubbly bite. Bubble waffles are served in a cone with your topping of choice!

European Christmas Markets

3. Candied Nuts

You’ll find candied nuts all over European Christmas markets and the smell is just tantalizing. The candied almonds were my personal favorite.

European Christmas Markets

4. Chimney Cakes

These classic European treats can be found at almost any Christmas market and are soooo worth the calories! The thing that makes these babies taste Aaahhh-mazing is that they are roasted over an open fire, which makes anything taste better right?!

european christmas markets

5. Waffles on a Stick

Because if bubble waffles weren’t enough for you, you can now eat them on a stick! Why not!?

European Christmas Markets

6. Meringue Cones

These have a German name that I can’t spell or pronounce, so we are going with “Meringue Cones.” It’s like a DQ dipped cone with meringue inside instead of ice cream. Perfect if you’re craving a dipped cone, but don’t want  cold ice cream!

European Christmas Markets

7. Chocolate Tools

These adorable little manly morsels were every around Europe and make a tasty gift for the tool lover in your life.

European Christmas Markets

8. Gingerbread Cookies

These beautifully decorated gingerbread cookies are found at every market and are honestly just too pretty to eat, but I did my best!

European Christmas Markets

9. Hot Orange Juice

Ok, this one sounds a little bit weird, but it was delicious! Sort of like a Wassail, but more orangy and more delicious!

European Christmas Markets

10. Linzer Cookies

Another too-pretty-to-eat cookie, but I still did my best! These jam-filled beauties are a perfect way to finish off a European Christmas Market!

European Christmas Markets

Have you ever been to a European Christmas Market? I’d love to know your favorite treat!

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