Traveling with Invisalign® Aligners this Summer

This post was sponsored by the Invisalign® brand and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Jackson has had his Invisalign® aligners for 4 weeks now! It’s going really well and I love seeing his confident smile all day long.

We picked up Jackson’s Invisalign aligners at the orthodontist where they made sure everything fit and that he knew how to take care of them. I was really happy that he didn’t have any real pain when he first started wearing them! He said they felt tight for the first day, but then felt just fine.

Invisalign aligners use a mandibular advancement feature and precision wings to push the jaw forward while also straightening the teeth. His jaw needs to come forward a few millimeters so that’s where this feature comes in. It eliminates the need for bands that you have to use with traditional braces. They are also made with SmartTrack® material for better comfort and a custom fit because the aligners are trimmed to the gumline.* And they look great too. They are definitely working and I can see a small shift in his teeth and bite just in the first few weeks!

*Compared to other aligners made from off-the-shelf single layer .030in material

Invisalign treatment has also given Jackson a lot of confidence! No one has noticed that he is even wearing them, even though he likes to tell everyone he meets!  He’s also stepped up and been really responsible about taking his case with him everywhere he goes and keeping track of his aligners when he takes them out to eat. It’s also been great to be able to brush and floss just like normal!      

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Perhaps the best part of his Invisalign treatment is that we don’t have to interrupt our summer travel to go back to the orthodontist because he has several sets of aligners already, which works out great because we travel often. Any break during treatment, like a packed travel scheduled, with traditional braces means extra time on treatment, which is no fun for any kid! So we are loving that about Invisalign treatment!

We have lots of adventures planned this year and it brings me such peace of mind knowing that I can just pack his next Invisalign aligner in the suitcase without having to worry about appointments, too much discomfort, loose brackets or poking wires. Invisalign treatment is definitely the way to go if you travel frequently!

We spent this last week traveling all over Montana, rafting, horseback riding, swimming, kayaking, and more, all without having to worry about braces getting in the way of being active. I love that he can live his life while straightening his teeth! We’ll be packing our Invisalign aligners with us wherever we go!

Check out our video and learn why Jackson loves his Invisalign aligners.

You can learn more about how Invisalign treatment works and what it can do for your teen’s smile on the Invisalign Parent Page. If you’re interested in seeing if your child qualifies for the most advanced clear aligner system in the world, you can take the smile assessment here or find a doctor near you who provides Invisalign treatment.

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A few tips if your child is just starting with Invisalign® treatment:

  • Take a good before picture. It’s fun to see the progression in your child’s smile.
  • Order a second case from We like to keep one at home and one for school or traveling.
  • Teach your child how to keep the aligners clean by brushing with the cleaning crystals that come with the starter kit and water.