Prepping for the Inca trail is tough, but absolutely essential.

Training for the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu with Merrell

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In a few months, I’ll be hiking the famous Inca trail with my 12-year-old son. This strenuous, several-day trek in Peru leads to the sacred and picturesque Machu Picchu. We are so excited about our trip, but also realize that we will have to do a lot of training to make this happen and not die from exhaustion while on the trail!

The Inca Trail poses a lot of barriers for visitors. Weather can play a large factor in how the trip goes. You need to be prepared to hike in wet and muddy conditions if needed. Altitude sickness is also a reality. These things can be dealt with better if you are in good shape and if you have the right shoes.

How we are preparing for the Inca Trail

We’ll be trekking about 7 miles each day while on the trail, so we definitely need to be in decent shape. We’ve started training by hiking once a week. We’ve started off small, with local hikes near our house. These are hikes that even my younger kids can do.

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We will soon be graduating to more difficult hikes farther from our house. We’ll also start carrying our backpacking packs with us while we train. We are looking to develop endurance so that we’ll be able to hike all day without feeling too exhausted.

We’ve also started doing some cardiovascular training including running, swimming, cycling, and walking. The important thing when training for a trek is to make sure our workouts or activities are long, rather than short and intense. We are focusing on endurance rather than speed. It’s more about duration rather than intensity.

Exertion at high altitude is a key driver of altitude sickness, so it’s important not to exert ourselves too much when we get there.

What shoes to wear for the Inca Trail?

We’ve chosen to wear our Merrell Ontario 85 hiking boots from Zappos for this trip. Merrell shoes have been known as ‘the best hiking boots ever made’ by Backpacker Magazine, and I’d have to agree! These boots were created by a master shoemaker with the help of outdoor-focused athletes.

They have long been famous for their comfort, durability, and superior craftsmanship. Not only are they comfortable, waterproof, durable, and functional, but they also look great! They are the perfect hiking boots for training and trekking the Inca Trail or ANY trail!

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We love Zappos and buy almost all of our gear here. I love their free and fast shipping, and their range of products. Zappos also has lots of other great Merrell books that are good for trekking. 

We are so excited about our trip, but we know that it will be a LOT of work and training. In the end, it will not be easy, but nothing that was ever worth doing ever was!