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Our lifestyle is a little crazier than most. Our family is constantly on the move, from house to house to hotel, to RV. and back again! Keeping track of everything a family of six NEEDS, can be a challenge to say the least, let alone keeping track of the little extras that the kids bring along! We’ve lost so many beloved items to couch cracks, dark corners and hidden closets, never to be seen again.
To save money, our famiy usually stays in one place for about a month, generally in an Airbnb house. Packing and unpacking each month is essentially like moving! So. Much. Work. And so many things that get left behind because we are usually in a hurry.
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This summer, our family spent months driving to to Alaska on the historic ALCAN Highway in an RV. It was an incredible and unforgettable experience. When we got to Alaska, we stayed for a month in an Airbnb. When we went to pack up to leave, we couldn’t find our passports anywhere! Yikes!¬†There’s nothing worse than the feeling of losing your passport when you’re in a foreign country or just before a trip out of your home country! Luckily we did find the passports eventually! What a relief! Those few hours when they were missing were full of stress and agony!
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We recently recieved TILE, a cute little bluetooth tracking device that helps you to keep track of the things that matter most! TILE will now be a packing essential for our family and going on every passport we have!

TILE is simple to use:

1. Attach TILE to your passport or imporant item that you don’t want to lose (keys, wallet, stuffed animal, glasses, etc.)
2. Download the TILE App on your phone and set up your new TILE
3. When ou lose your passport or whatever you’re using TILE on, select the item in the app and the TILE will ring.
4. Another feature I love is when you lose your phone, you can tap your TILE twice and your phone will ring, even if it’s on silent!

Here’s a little video to show you how to use TILE:

I also love this adorable video about a lost Panda that finds its way home using TILE!

So what will you TILE?

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