This post was sponsored by the Invisalign® brand and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

I know many of you will be traveling this holiday season and I’m always getting questions about how we get family photos when we’re traveling by ourselves. So, I’m giving you a few simple ideas to get in the photo with your kids.

During our many travels, we haven’t really purchased any souvenirs. We’re generally traveling light, either with backpacks or carry-ons, and don’t have room to bring anything home with us. And as a large family living in a small house, we honestly just don’t have the space for more stuff!

We really try to live a minimalist lifestyle, only owning what we truly need. This means that souvenirs for us mean meaningful family photos that we can hang on our walls or send out on holiday cards.

When you’re taking a family vacation, there’s no better way to capture your trip than by getting that classic shot in your destination. But unless you’re traveling with a professional photographer to capture your every move, it can be really tough to get everyone in the picture! I wanted to share a few tips to help get your whole family in the picture while traveling:

Get Creative and Go Hands-Free

Most cameras, and even phones, have a self-timer that will give you a few seconds to hit a button and get into the picture with your family. You can either use a tripod or find a good rock.

I’ve even used a car window and rolled it up just enough to support my phone. You may need to get really creative to get the shot!  We had the camera on top of our car for this one!

Ask a Stranger

If you’re using a camera, be sure you’ve got your shot set up the way you want it before asking a stranger to take your photo. Believe it or not, most tourists are not professional photographers and will not know how to use your fancy DSLR, or maybe even a point and shoot.

I usually try to find someone with a camera around their neck, because that means they usually know a little. But it’s best to set up the shot, your family members, and your camera settings. Now here is the important thing, set your camera to Sport mode or continuous shooting. Ask them to take a few shots, one of them is bound to turn out!

If you’re traveling in a group or tour you can also ask fellow group members to email you photos of you if they’d rather use their own cameras. Chances are they’ll be better at taking pictures on a camera they know. Offer to take photos for them as well. We tend to do this a lot and swap photos at the end of a trip.

Hire a Professional

Just like at home, you can hire someone to take your family photos. You can find a professional online. I’ve had good luck just searching hashtags on Instagram. I found our Alaska photographer by searching “#alaskaphotographer.”

You can also go through companies like Flytographer who provide professional photographers in high demand areas like Paris, London, New York, and Hawaii.

I love that we have been able to capture our family and our memories traveling together and love that we’ve been able to capture the progress of Jackson’s smile while using his Invisalign® aligners.

His progress is going well, and I’m so impressed with the progress we have already made in only 7 months of treatment.  You can check out this side by side “before and during” to see his progress. The transformation has been really impressive in such a short amount of time.

He has about 7 more months of treatment left, which is less than he would have had for traditional braces. I love how seamlessly it has fit in with our lifestyle and it has allowed Jackson to continue doing the things he loves, like traveling, trying new foods, sports, band, and theater.

Jackson’s Invisalign® treatment includes the Mandibular Advancement feature, which addresses overbites and helps to push the jaw forward while straightening the teeth simultaneously without the need for bulky appliances, which is great.

We love having the freedom to travel with the most advanced clear aligner system in the world. They’ve given our family the convenience of traveling without frequent Orthodontist appointments and more importantly, they’ve given Jackson the confidence to smile.

Invisalign treatment has been around for over 20 years and has improved over 7 million smiles, treating simple to complex cases. Jackson’s case was somewhere in the middle, you can take the Smile Assessment to see if you qualify for Invisalign treatment.

If you want to learn more about Invisalign treatment you can find tons of great info on the Parent Page or you can find a list of doctors who provide Invisalign treatment near you.