6 Tips for Happy Little Travelers + Win KEEN Shoes for your Whole Family

6 tips for happy little travelers

This post is sponsored by KEEN Kids, but all opinions are my own and I’ve used KEEN Kids forever, promise!

We’ve all been there…that moment when you’re traveling and your little one has a meltdown, no doubt as a result of exhaustion, hunger, overwhelm, discomfort, and all those other things that accompany the wonder of travel! When you’re constantly on the road…or train, or plane or bus like we are, it’s so important to make sure the little ones in our crew are kept happy and healthy. Here are tips for happy little travelers

1. Food

6 tips happy travelers
Find a local market and grab some healthy snacks when you arrive.

Probably number one for my kids at least, is making sure they are getting enough food and enough of the right food. We always travel with a kids multivitamin because we all know how many times they will touch something disgusting and then stick their hands in their mouths. Even my older kids do this! Why?!?!?!

We pack tons of fruits and veggies for long car and plane rides. Grapes, blueberries, baby carrots and sugar snap peas are easy to travel with. For some protein we pack lots of nuts. Our favorite road trip snack is something we call a meat & cheese roll up. Seriously, my kids think this is so fun. We pack a package of lunch meat and sliced cheese and roll the meat up in the cheese. Much easier than packing sandwiches or dealing with soggy bread.

2. Sleep

My poor jetlagged baby!

Ugh, why is jet lag such a jerk? It’s hard enough as an adult, but dealing with kids and jet lag is just the worst!! Am I right?! I haven’t found the magic trick to make kids sleep…if there was one, people would probably have more kids haha! Going through the same bedtime routine as at home will help along with a full tummy and a warm bath. We like to use children’s melatonin to help them fall asleep. We like these ones and give them the smallest dosage. Not everyone will agree with this, but we’ve found it works for us. Also, blackout curtains or even blankets over the windows are your best friend!

3. Good Footwear

Our absolute favorite shoes...KEEN!

Traveling automatically comes with a lot walking, which is great for wearing kids out, but also bad for wearing kids out. Getting the right shoes on your little ones is so important! The only shoes that we travel with are KEEN shoes. They are well built, comfortable, waterproof and most importantly the kids can put them on themselves! What I love about Keens is that they last forever! I try to buy neutral colors so they can be passed along to younger siblings every few years.

6 tips happy travelers
I love the great grip! Good for walking on dirt roads or cobble stone streets!

I love their summer sandals and my kids actually wear them ALL year round! We were first introduced to KEEN Footwear years ago when we traveled to Canada with our very young kids and needed shoes they could wear every day, including hiking and playing in the water. We’ve never gone back to anything else! I’ve done several KEEN Giveaways over on Instagram and I’m so excited to do one here! Four families will be completely outfitted with KEEN Shoes! ENTER TO WIN BELOW! 

4. Good Clothing

6 tips happy travelers

Have you heard the saying “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing”? Well, I’ve found it to be pretty true, especially while traveling. Be sure to pack according to weather forecasts and always have layers handy to put on or take off.

5. Something From Home

6 tips for happy travelers
We always travel with sketchbooks, pencils and paints.

Lots of kids can be sensitive to new surroundings and other changes. It’s good to always carry a little something from home. My kids all travel with a special blanket or stuffed animal. Here’s a funny story…while we were getting checked in for our flight to Europe last year, Amelie threw up everywhere in the airport. We had to use her big sister’s special blanket to clean it up! Then we had to throw it away! I felt SO bad for her! We let her pick out a special stuffed animal once we got to Europe to replace her blanket. My 6 year old MUST travel with art supplies! 

6. Don’t Overdo It

6 tips for happy travelers
Taking a break to stop and play with bugs!

This is probably the biggest one. You’ve spent so much money, time and effort on this trip and you want to see and do everything! But that might make your trip totally miserable for your little ones. It’s better to have a pleasant trip and see half of what you wanted than dragging grumpy kids to every destination on your list. Take time to explore playgrounds or have a picnic in a park. Sometimes these memories are the ones they keep forever. After all, traveling as a family isn’t really about the destinations, it’s about what you learn and remember along the way!

I hope these have been helpful. Do you have any tips of your own for happy little travelers? I’d love to hear more ideas! Don’t forget to enter our KEEN Giveaway below for a chance to outfit your entire family with KEEN shoes!

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tips for happy travelers
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